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Zanjan’s Shilandar; Land of Butterflies

Shilandar village, 35 kilometers to the northeast of Iran’s northern province of Zanjan is known as the “Land of Butterflies”. The village rests on rooftops, with adobe buildings and energetic inhabitants. It has a dirt, meandering road and boasts of many springs and butterflies. The orchards in the village grow hazelnut, walnut and mulberry. White and red berries also draw butterflies to the region. There are many butterflies amongst the flowers, grass and trees. One can find colorful small and big butterflies everywhere. Shilandar village is a retreat for humans and a habitat for butterflies. Its 50-year-old mulberry and blackberry trees are indicative of long settlements of butterflies in the area. Visitors can take hazelnut and walnut home as souvenirs. Those travelers who are seeking to visit a unique and special place, Shilandar of Zanjan can be the right place. Although this place might not be known amongst the tourists of Iran, it is highly recommended to be visited. The amazingly unique experience of that will last for even a lifetime. So, we offer you to stay in Iran a bit longer and plan to visit some special and unique attractions of Iran. In this case, Iranhrc will proudly help you to have your travel plan organized.

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