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Vakil Bazaar in Shiraz

located in Shiraz, Vakil Bazaar is one of the traditional Bazaars of Iran which was built by Karim Khan (one of the Kings of Zandyieh dynasty) in the 11th century. Vakil Bazaar is the primary part of Shiraz Bazaar. The reason why Karim khan built this Bazaar was to turn Shiraz into an outstanding trading center. The amazing architecture of Vakil Bazaar as well as the variety of products  found there make it a famous tourist spot. Visitors of this beautiful place can find handmade copper pieces, rugs, spices, Persian sweets, antiques and a lot more.

Not only is Vakil Bazaar a popular tourist attraction for those travelling to Iran, it is also a place where local people go and do their shopping. Due to that point, the atmosphere of Vakil Bazaar is bustling and energetic.

Most of those who travel to Iran believe that Vakil Bazaar is the most beautiful Bazaar in Iran. Considering this, its awesome vaulted brick ceiling adjusts the temperature in the construction. In fact, the architecture of the ceiling is designed in a way that keeps the building cool in summer and makes it warm in winter. So Vakil Bazaar can be an appropriate place to avoid heat that can be really bothering in summer.

Iranian people are so hospitable and nice with travelers to Iran. Therefore, while you are walking in Vakil Bazaar and enjoying your time there, people are really friendly with you and they are  well-behaved and eager to say hello and have a little chat with you.

In addition, if you’re looking for buying some stuff in Vakil bazar, it is recommended to go there with an Iranian companion. It will be a lot easier. There are several more activities alongside shopping in Vakil Bazaar. Some of them are sitting and having meals in numerous cafes, visiting the famous bath house and many top quality restaurants which are available there.

If you are looking for planning your trip to Iran and visit these beautiful historical places in Iran, you can contact us (Iranhrc) to help you work that out. Travel to Iran easily and enjoy you trip here.

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