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Treasury of national jewels in Iran

The unique “Treasury of the National Jewels”, exhibits a spectacular collection of some of the most precious gems and jewels from all around the world which are gathered through hundreds of years. Each item speaks for the history embossed on its soul and reflects the craftsmanship and artistry of the land of Persia. Lots of bitter and sweet memories of victories and defeats are buried within the pieces in this museum. The treasury of national jewels in Iran is representative of the Iranian culture and civilization. It also gets you more acquainted with the history of those who pursued power and wealth as well as their destiny.

The objects in this museum are priceless, not only because of their economic value, but also for the art and ingenuity they are representing. All the masterpieces in the treasury of the national jewels testify how great the creativity and proficiency of Iranian craftsmen were and hint at the rich culture and artistry of the vast Iran.
The jewels there were used by many rulers of the country for decorating their mansions. They were also a way to show the majesty and glory of the kings’ courts, leadership as well as their wealth. There has been always a question during the years that cannot be answered by any means. The question is that how much the value of this treasury is. Due to the uniqueness of this collection, no one can come up with an acceptable answer. Some of the gems are the only ones in the world. Moreover, as it has already been mentioned, almost all the jewels have a unique historical background beyond them. To provide a reasonable answer to this question, we can say that from the artistic viewpoint, containing unmatched jewels and its historical background, the treasury of national jewels of Iran is of a level that even the most skillful evaluators of the world will not be able to calculate a precise price for.

Accordingly, visiting this incredible museum is a “must” for the visitors on their trip to Iran. It is highly recommended for the dear visitors of this treasury of the national jewels of Iran to prioritize the historic aspect of this museum over its magnificent collection. Therefore, travel to Iran and by having a prior knowledge of the jewels history, you can have a better understanding of why all these jewels are collected and what purposes they served.

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