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Iran Architecture Tour

Iran Architecture tour


  • A tour at an honest price.
  • Maximum sightseeing with minimum traveling time.
  • Enjoy daily breakfast at the hotels.
  • Stay at conveniently located hotels.
  • Stay 1 night in Tabriz- ancient city with 4500 years of history
  • Stay 2 nights in Zanjan- historical city
  • Stay 2 nights in Tehran-capital of Iran
  • Stay 1 night in Kashan- one of the primary centers of civilization
  • Stay 2 nights in Isfahan – center of tourist attraction
  • Stay 4 nights in Shiraz – former capital of Iran
  • Stay 2 nights in Kerman – one of the oldest , historical cities in the world
  • A professional, friendly, Iranian tour guide accompanies you for the whole trip
AGE RANGE18 to 70 years old


Day 01: Tabriz-Tabriz
Welcome to Tabriz! Today you are starting your journey, where contains a rich history and architecture. In advance you will go to Grand Bazzar of Tabriz , you can see one of the oldest historical marketing center which it covers by special roof .You can spend some times with natives also visit Jameh mosque of Tabriz which is located in Grand bazzar district .Then you will visit some mosques near there like Blue mosque which it is architected by Reza Memaran Benam, one of the most beautiful sample of Persian architecture make sure that you won’t miss Maqbaratoshoara which it is the shrine of 400 poets, mystics, and writers from 800 years ago to today. You will stay at local hotel overnight.
Day 02: Tabriz-Zanjan
Let’s start another incredible day of your journey with a delicious breakfast. Today you will visit Arg-e-Tabriz which it is a maintenance of the Tabriz city wall. Its height is 28 m. Then we will visit Saint Mary church, the second most important church for Christians, the entire church is in heart of the stones and mountains today you will transfer to Zanjan and stay there overnight.
Day 03: Zanjan-Zanjan
Today after breakfast you will visit Zanjan Bazar which is one the oldest and Longest Bazzar of Iran you can see the pure Qajarie architecture there, then you will go to the Historic Bridge Amir Bahaadini, which its architect refers to the Qajar era, after visiting bridge you will go to the masterpiece of architect which refers to Soltanie era, it is the capital of Ilkhanis. You will stay at local hotel over night

Day 04: Zanjan-Tehran

Today after breakfast we will leave Zanjan to Tehran but On the way go Tehran we will visit dashkasan temple, which is one the best sample of rock-cut then you will transfer to Tehran, after take a short rest at hotel in Tehran you will go the Tabiat bridge for a little recovery for our full day of sightseeing and also be careful about the architecture of this bridge, Which connect two parks (Taleghani-Abo atash) together. This bridge has 2 floors full of restaurant you can enjoy being there at night. You will stay at hotel overnight.
Day 05: Tehran-Tehran
Today after breakfast you will go to spend whole day at north of Tehran. First we will go to the Tajrish Bazzar. Now you have the complete attitude about the bazzars in Iran and you can compare it with each other, you can walk through bazzar and spend times there you have a short way to go the Ferdows Garden and have times in one the most valuable and historical houses in shemiran district. Then we have a short drive for going to the Niavaran complex. This complex contains a lot of palace which refers to the previous kings and queen of Iran. You can spend your night at Milad Tower which is one of the Land mark of Tehran, and also the tallest Tower of Iran. You can enjoy being there and spend your whole night in this multipurpose tower. You will stay at hotel overnight.
Day 06: Tehran-Kashan
Today after breakfast you will leave Tehran to Kashan when you reach Kashan you can enjoy being in Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse, It is one of the most important element of the city which is absolutely covered by Islamic architect .then we will go to visit Agha Bozorg Mosque, One of the most beautiful and magnificent mosque in Qajar era, it was built by Haj saaban ali, who was master in Islamic Architecture in 18th century. We can now get ready for Watching Abyaneh Village, yards are at the top of the houses and this the most important feature of the context of this district. You can enjoy being among natives and take a picture with their customs. You will stay at hotel overnight in Kashan.
Day 07: Kashan-Isfahan
Today after breakfast we move to a city which not only is the heart of historic and culture in Iran but also in a world, this city is known as half of the world. After we reach there and take a short rest we will go to Visit Sio Se Pol Bridge, one of the ironic handmade structure which is one of the largest bridge on the water, we can consider it as arch bridge with double-deck, strongly recommend you to visit this place at night in order to see its magnificence .you will stay at hotel overnight.
Day 08: Isfahan-Isfahan
Today after breakfast we have another full day of sightseeing we will go to visit Chehel Sotoun Palace, Isfahan has a lot of gardens because of the Zayande river. Chehel Sotoun Palace is located in one of those gardens, at the end of the long pool, which is built by Shah Abbas2. The name ’40 columns’ was inspired by 20 columns which is located in the palace plus their reflection in the pool. Then we will go to the Naghshe Jahan square ,this square refers to Shahabbas era which is located at one of the oldest garden of Isfahan, Its name was Naghshe Jahan remind us that by being in this square It is just like being in the half of the world. This square refers to the Shahabbas era which is located at one of the oldest garden of Isfahan which its name is Naghshe Jahan .On each corner of the square there are 4 eminent elements of architecture Imam Mosque at the south part, which is one of the masterpiece of architecture and tiling .Alighapou palace which has the Safavid pattern of architecture .this palace has 6 floors .Each floor has its own interior design. It was built during 5 process of architect. Qeysarieh gate is located at the north of square. Its entrance in bow shape with illustrious tiling. Sheykh Lotfollah mosque is one of the most beautiful mosque in safavid era, it is one of the master piece in 11th century .you will stay at hotel overnight.
Day 09: Isfahan-Shiraz
Today after breakfast we will move to Shiraz but before that we will go to visit Saint Stepanos Monastery and Vank church which is located at Jolfa district .this is one of the historic Armenia church in Isfahan. Vank church was built during 9 years .It ended at 1664. Its giant shape and watch tower are seen from distance. After visiting these incredible places you will transfer to Shiraz and stay at hotel overnight.
Day 10: Shiraz-Shiraz
Today after breakfast we will go to visit illustrious part of the world, Takhte Jamshid, architects cut the boulders without any cement and just fasten them with each other. It has 111 steps on each side of the Entrance gate. Steps for female guests are shorter than male ones in order to walk with sobriety you can see the example of these steps in united nation. Then we will go to visit Pasargadae it is registered on UNESCO list which is located at 130 Km of Shiraz. Its architecture style was inspired by Egypt, Greek and minor Asia, It was built at top of 7th floor because this number is known as a sacred number. You will stay at hotel overnight.
Day 11: Shiraz-Shiraz
Today after breakfast we will go to visit Vakil bazzar. Architecture of Vakil Bazzar was inspired of Qeysarie Bazzar of Lar and Long Bazzar of Isfahan but its width is a little bit different, exclusive vaults of this Bazzar are so tall and generally the architects divide it into 3 sections :space for passing customer ,a store space (2heights above ground),shop floor (place of sale) after visiting this Bazzar and also Vakil Bath house which is just beside vakil Bazzar we will visit Saadi tomb which is the compose of both modern and traditional pattern and also Hafez tomb which is located at the middle of the beautiful garden we can end our day by visiting Narenjestan ghavam building which is located at Narenjestan garden and its architecture goes back to Qajari era ,the building was adorned with mirroring ,glazing carving and carpentry .you will stay at overnight.
Day 12: Shiraz-Shiraz
Today after a delicious breakfast you will visit another breathtaking place of this historical city, Eram Garden, with 110380square meter in rectangle shape the illustrious building is located just in the middle of the garden .The architecture of this beautiful building goes back to Qajari era but you can see a glimmer of Zandie era in it. The building includes 3 floors with lots of mirroring and carpentry design in it .This building includes in UNESCO list. After visiting this incredible place we can get ready for visiting Arge Karimkhan Zand, the building is located at the center of beautiful garden with 12800square meter. It has 4 tall walls at its external entrance with 12 meter height. Most of its material was plaster and stone.
Day 13: Shiraz–Kerman
Today after a delicious breakfast you will transfer to keraman ,Cradle of Civilization in Iran ,after reaching there and take a short rest we will spend our night in Fath Abbad Garden Which the building is located at the center of the garden like the most palace and building of Iran. The pattern of this building is registered in UNESCO list and because of that we strongly suggest to architect students to visit this eminent building. The lightening of building and garden adorn environment. You will stay at hotel overnight.
Day 14: Kerman-Kerman
Today the last day of your trip we want to end your trip by two prominent complex which has more winder audience than architects. Arg-e-Bam, It is the most famous castle in Kerman which is one the largest complex, we can divide it into 2 different parts. Each of them has its own feature and about 67 towers have been scattered through the ancient city of Bam. It was also registered on UNESCO World Heritage List on 2004 and on Thursday 12 July 2018 the first festival for registration was held there. Another breathtaking complex in Kerman is Rayen palace. You can visit the medieval mud brick city of Rayen is similar to the Arg-e-Bam. Rayen indicates all the architectural elements of a deserted citadel. Tonight we will stay at a hotel overnight.
Day 15: Kerman-Tehran-check out
Today we check out and arrive home with the pleasant memories of your Iranian tour, which we are sure you will treasure for a lifetime. Do spare a few minutes to fill in the feedback form and hand it to your Tour Leader. Your valued suggestions will be most appreciated.

Included services

A professional certified English-Speaking Guide accompanying you for the whole trip
A professional certified driver accompanying you for the whole trip
One arrival and one departure transfer for the group
Transfers & Sightseeing by AC vehicle as per the itinerary
All Entrance Fees as per the itinerary
Mineral water per day
Visa Support (Visa Fee is not included)

Not Included

  • International Airfares
  • Laundry and telecommunication services
  • All personal expenses, room service & special orders, tips, etc.
  • Any extra excursions or sightseeing apart from the above specified itinerary
  • list 4
AGE RANGE18 to 70 years old


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