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The Third Underground City in Hamadan

Three years after discovering the city of Saleh Abad, it became unveiled to the public with its location in Hamadan.

The history of the city can be traced back to Ilkhanate dynasty some 800 years ago.

It’s not the first underground city in Hamedan. There are more underground cities in Hamedan that have been already discovered. The cities of Samen and Arzan were unearthed earlier by Iranian Archaeologists with some experts estimating that the cities date back to the Medieval Era.

The underground city of Saleh Abad was originally discovered around three years ago. This newly unearthed city was studied for 20 days by provincial archaeologists. The relics which are retrieved from the city consist of pieces of potteries from Islamic era.

Preliminary studies show that residents of Hamadan have used this ancient city as a hideout during the World War II, when the soviet soldiers began to pass through it on their way to the north.

Strong flood waves, leading to alluviums which need immediate discharge are now the subject of scientific studies.

Some authorities believe that due to the fact that the city is so close to the main road in the path for Semnan, Kerman and Kermanshah provinces, it can be considered as an important potential for tourism purposes. so, those travelers who intend to travel to Iran can pay this historical underground city a visit.

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