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The Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Iran (Abgineh Museum)

Glassware and Ceramic museum of Iran or Abgineh museum as native people call it, is located in the central part of Tehran. This fascinating old structure is a place for keeping many fabulous ancient crafts. This museum holds particular collections of glass blowing art in the country. In case you are interested in glassware and glass blowing, travelling to Iran and visiting the Glassware and Ceramic museum could be the right place to visit. You can find a lot of masterpieces and you will see how the ancient Persians used to craft them, some of the objects in this museum dates back to over a thousand years ago.

The 90-year old Abgineh museum is in fact a historical house. It is related to the Qajar era and the house belonged to Ahmad Qavam, a renowned politician of this period. The house served as his residential resort as well as a working office. Before being sold to Farah Pahlavi’s bureau in 1976, this house was considered as the embassy of Egypt in Iran for a short period of time. Eventually, it changed into a museum in 1980 and has been registered as a national heritage site of Iran since 1998.

The building has two entrance halls and 6 primary halls each of which has different function and design. On the ground floor, you can find a gift shop where lots of books, DVDs and other souvenirs are offered. In addition, the museum has a lovely garden and yard where you can walk and enjoy the beautiful nature around. Locating in the center of the capital doesn’t make the glassware and ceramic museum stop from being peaceful and relaxing. So, contact us (Iranhrc) to plan your trip to Iran and its attractions including the Glassware and Ceramic museum of Tehran.

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