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The Blue Mosque in Tabriz

Iran is a country which has a lot of mosques representing the unique architecture and art of the ancient Iran. Of all these ancient mosques, a historical and paramount one belongs to Tabriz in north east of the country. It is called the Blue Mosque. The architecture of the mosque is a real masterpiece that makes this historical mosque different from the other mosques. It has an almost 600-year history behind it (15th century) and the variety of tiling works alongside the calligraphy lines caused this place to be called the Turquoise of Islam.

Since there are a lot of blue tiles that have been used in this beautiful structure, the mosque is famous as Blue Mosque or Kabud (kabud means a kind of dark blue in Persian) Mosque. It is considered as one of the most important tourist spots of Tabriz. Blue mosque

As it was mentioned, the construction process of the Mosque started in 15th century. Later, the renovation of the building was done by Reza Memaran. The exterior and interior renovation of tiling works is still under process.

Travelling to Iran can be an amazing and beautiful experience and definitely visiting Tabriz is one of these expriences. A must-see city that has spectacular attractions, most of which can be considered in your travel plan. As a traveler of Iran, you are definitely going to fall in love with the historical site of Blue Mosque and it can be an everlasting memory in the rest of your travel life.

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