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Tehran Milad Tower

Milad Tower in North West of the capital city of Tehran, acts as a city icon and attracts a lot of domestic and international tourists each year. It is 435 meters heigh, considering its 120m antenna. Among all the free-standing towers in the world, Milad Tower is ranked as the sixth tallest and the tallest building in Iran. The tower is so tall that allows you to have a full view of the whole city. If you look at the north of the city you can see alluring mountains and areas that have been covered with the green color of trees and parks. The southern view of the city from top of the tower has also its beauty and you can see many steady and historical buildings. Milad tower also offers many entertaining activities. Some of which are a number of different festivals and celebrations held each year at this place, museums, a wide range of restaurants and coffee shops, many gift shops, dolphinarium and a lot of places for kids to play in. at the base of the tower there is a separate building called Tehran Milad Tower international convention center where many pop and traditional concerts and some other ceremonies are occasionally held. If you are looking for a place to spend a long time having fun and enjoyment alongside delicious foods and desserts, Milad tower of Tehran is definitely the right place for you. Milad Tower is a must-see place for the travelers to Iran and no one would miss the chance to see Tehran without paying this amazing tower a visit.

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