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Tehran as the capital city of Iran benefits from the presence of many top quality hotels each of which is the host to many visitors from all around the country. Since the number of business meetings and exhibitions anualy held in Tehran is high, the diversity of the hotels are high as well. Due to this fact, it might be kind of difficult to find a free room during these busy times. So, it would be a great choice to book your room in advance in top quality hotels of Tehran. Here are some of the best hotels of Tehran at which you can enjoy your time while traveling to Iran.

Espinas Hotel
This Luxurious 5 Stars hotel is the first hotel which was built after revolution in 2011. This hotel is located in the heart of Tehran and close to important destinations such as General hospital, museums and business district. Espinas hotel has 18 floors with 224 rooms and modern suites.

Parsian Azadi Hotel
This 5- Star hotel is among the best hotels in Iran with the latest methods of hotel and hospitality management. There is no doubt Parsian Azadi Hotel is one of the best hotels in Iran. Parsian Azadi Hotel is under Parsian Group in 26 levels and 475 rooms. Its location is close to the mountain and gives the opportunity to breathe fresh mountainous air during your stay.

Homa Hotel
This five-star hotel, is located in one of the best locations in the middle of Tehran (since 1972). Homa hotel is under Iran Airline Holding Group and has 173 rooms. Guests can have the advantage of staying in one of the best hotels in terms of amenities, customer service and location.

Laleh International Hotel
Laleh International Hotel (Former Intercontinental) is a 5 star hotel in the heart of Tehran. This hotel was built in 1971 and renovated several times ever since. The building has 13 floors with 380 rooms. The biggest advantage of this hotel is its location, because the hotel is located in the heart of Tehran, tourists can get to several museums and historical places in less than 15 minutes. One of the most famous parks of Tehran (Laleh) is located exactly behind the hotel.

Parsian Esteghlal Tehran
Parsian Esteghlal Hotel (Former Hilton, before Islamic revolution) is a five –star hotel with 552 rooms which is located in north of Tehran. The location of this hotel is one of the best in Tehran, Tehran International Exhibition is just 5 minutes away from the hotel. Parsian Esteghlal Hotel has got two wings, Eastern and Western wings. The Western wing was built before revolution (1962 by Hilton Hotels Group) and another wing was built after 30 years. Nowadays, this hotel is part of Parsian Group.

Hoveizeh Hotel 
This 25-year-old 4 Stars hotel is under Kowsar Groups and located in the city center. Hoveizeh hotel is in 15 floors with 180 rooms and because of its location, this hotel is suitable for any kind of business trip.

Parsian Evin Hotel 
Parsian Evin Hotel is a 4 Star hotel in one of the best locations close to the mountain. This hotel was built in 1969, and later renovated several times. This hotel has been under Parsian Group since 2001. The place is close to Tehran Intl Expo and beside two main highways of Tehran.

Grand Ferdowsi
This 4 stars international hotel is one of the largest in the middle of Tehran, its great location which is close to museums and bazaar and also Tehran’s main metro station, gives the guests the opportunity to visit these places without using taxi and any other transportation. This grand hotel has 6 floors and 230 rooms.

Simorgh Hotel 
Hotel Simorgh Tehran is among luxurious 4-star hotels with 100 rooms in 13-floor, located on Vali Asr street which is the longest and the most beautiful street of Tehran. Saaei Park is one of the famous parks in Tehran which is located beside Simorgh Hotel.

Diamond Hotel
Diamond Hotel is one of the luxurious 3- Star hotels which is located in north of Tehran. This hotel has got five types of rooms, A, B, C, D and Royal. The location of Diamond hotel is close to the business area near Vali Asr Street.

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