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Tehran Birds Garden

The Birds Garden of Tehran is in the middle of Lavizan forest in northeast of the city. This beautiful garden has been designed in a total natural condition and it is open from 8:00 to 18:00. Birds Garden of Tehran is located in a really wide area, 23 hectares. The construction process of this garden started in 2 phases. The first phase completed in the year 2013. This phase included caging flightless birds. The second phase which is smaller than the previous one is still under construction. It belongs to those categories of birds that can fly. There are plenty of birds which are kept in Birds Garden of Tehran. Some of which are various species of parrots, doves and pigeons, few spices of bird of prey as well as Iranian and African ostriches. It has been said that up until now, the number of birds which are being kept at the moment in the Birds Garden of Tehran are more than 6500  in 55 various species. An interesting characteristic of this garden is the birds’ freedom. Ninety percent of birds are kept in a totally open space environment free of cages. Birds garden of Tehran attracts many domestic and international visitors. You can walk around the garden among its many birds and enjoy your time. Travel to Iran and don’t miss your chance to see Tehran’s Bird Garden. It is highly recommended.

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