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Sio-Se-Pol Bridge

Si-o-se Pol Bridge in Isfahan is also known by other names such as Siose Bridge (the word ‘Siose’ translates to number “thirty-three” which represents the number of its arches) and Allah-Verdi Khan Bridge. Under the command of Shah (King) Abbas in 1599, his chancellor Allah Verdi Khan was commissioned to construct the bridge spanning across Zayandeh River with its 33 arches as a double-decked bridge. The construction was finished after 3 years.

Located in the south of Chahar Bagh-e-Abbasi Street, the bridge with its length of about 300 meters, facilitates transport across the river where it offers a tube width of 14 meters. This historical bridge attracts a lot of domestic and international tourists each year as it is considered as one of the most important tourist attractions of Iran. A majority of people who travel to Iran have already heard the name of this beautiful historic bridge.

Due to let the river flows faster, a large place has been designed at the beginning of the Bridge. There it has more arches making with that a suitable place for a tea house that can be accessed from the southern bank. Si-o-se Pol Bridge is considered largest Iranian construction on water.

A great number of local people of Isfahan as well as every single tourist of Isfahan visit this historical beautiful bridge and spend their time there. Not only can you see the picturesque view of tall trees in the surrounding parks, but also the pleasant cool weather in the autumn and spring can uplift your soul and create everlasting memories for you. There are many kiosks provided at the park near Sio Se Pol Bridge where you can enjoy Junk foods, ice-creams and various cold drinks. As a traveler to Iran who seeks to visit historical and incredible sites of Iran, visiting Sio Se Pol Bridge is a must. So, do not hesitate to travel to Iran and visit all historical spots of the country including this amazing Bridge.

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