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Shushtar’s Historical Hydraulic System

Shushtar city in Khuzestan province is located in Zagros Mountain ranges. Due to its tropical weather, type of texture of the city is designed in way to cool its air. The city benefits from an outstanding hydraulic structure that has made it a terrific and unique place not only for the local place but for all who seek to travel to Iran.  

Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System

The advanced hydraulic system of Shushtar depicts how developed the industry of this era was in Iran, making the system a landmark on the history of technology. The construction of this massive sophisticated masterpiece began by the order of the Achaemenid King ‘’Darius’’, and a series of further restoration and completion were implemented on the original system in later dynasties such as ‘’Sassanid’’. The System comprises to main hydraulic channels which lead water right through Karun River. One of them named ‘’Gargar’’ still supplies water through multiple tunnels for Shushtar’s residents even after centuries.

Shushtar’s historical water supply system holds many travelers in awe while they make mentions of such system either in their journey books or in their blogs after their trip to Iran. One famous traveler, if not the best-noted, is the French archaeologist Jean Diulafova who referred to the system as the largest industrial construction prior to the Industrial Revolution.

Global Reputation of the Structure

Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System has a worldwide reputation about which many books and article have been written. In 2009, this historical structure was registered in UNESCO world heritage site. It is visited by thousands of domestic and international tourists each year. All the international tourists can travel to Iran by contacting us (Iranhrc) and visit this magnificent structure.

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