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Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

As a real masterpiece on the east side of Naqshe Jahan square, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque is an incredible spot that works as a tourist magnet in Isfahan. There are for historical monuments in the square and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque was built before the other three. One of the main reasons for the popularity of this historical mosque is the astonishing tilework and the combination of modest shape as well as splendid interior and exterior design.

By the command of Shah Abbas (Safavid King), Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque was constructed in Naqshe Jahan square. As Ali Qapu, the main residence of the Shah and his family, was located in the square the presence of a suitable mosque was necessary for Shah Abbas to pray in. It was also supposed to comply with the beauty and greatness of the square.

There is another mosque in the square called Imam Mosque which was built for the public praying. Unlike Imam Mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah mosque was considered as a place of worship for the Royal Family and its entrance was secured and guarded all the time. In order not to be seen by the public on the way from the palace to the mosque, there was a tunnel underground for the Shah and his wives into the mosque. The architect of the project was Sheikh Bahaei and the tile works and painting was designed by the brilliant Iranian artist of that time, Reza Abbasi. The entrance, walls and dome of the mosque are also designed and decorated with amazing tiles and calligraphy. This outstanding mosque alongside the other four historical monuments in the marvelous Naqsh-e Jahan square has been an attractive tourist spot for years. Those who travel to Iran will definitely see Isfahan and for certain Sheikh Lotfollah mosque won’t be missed.

Travelers to this historical site of Isfahan are provided with top quality restaurants which are located around the square and accordingly not far from Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque. Therefore, you can enjoy the delicious Iranian foods on your tour to Naqshe Jahan square. There are Not only many good restaurants in this area, but also a lot of shops and cafes, where you can enjoy having tasty desserts and ice cream as well as drinking a hot cup of tea.

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