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Shapouri House (Shapouri Mansion)

Shapouri historical house is located in Shiraz. Its construction dates back to 1925 during Pahlavid era. The house is placed in the city center and covers an approximate area of 5000 square meters including its garden. The historic gorgeous mansion has an outstanding architecture. It was designed by the renowned architect, Abolghsasem Mohandesi, between 1930 and 1935. Abdolsaheb Shapouri, who was a well-known trader of his own time in Shiraz, was the owner of Shapouri house. This unique building and its garden are the true examples of creativity in architecture and represent the innovation of plans, structures and facades. The garden has been designed in an Iranian-European style, so it has turned into a fantastic place for its visitors. Many domestic and international tourists travel to Shiraz to see all the attractions of the city including Shapouri house. In 2000, this mansion was registered as a national building.

Shapouri house has some distinctive features which have added to the beauty and attractiveness of the place and has made it a popular tourist spot for those who travel to Iran. The features include the western decoration of the façade, circular and designed gaseous columns, tiling on the upper porch with Achaemenid patterns. This historical site is open to the public free of charge. Tourists who travel to Iran find Shapouri house amazing and they are really enthusiastic re-visit it on their other trips to Iran. You can also enjoy having a delicious meal in the top-quality restaurant there and drink a hot cup of tea in its café. There is also a beautiful exhibition of art and cultural works of Fars province.

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