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Shahrestan Bridge; The oldest bridge in the city of Isfahan

Shahrestan bridge is considered as the oldest bridge of Isfahan. This historical bridge is in the eastern part of the city and it has been named after a surrounding village. Shahrestan Bridge has an important role in the city’s attractions and most of those travelling to Isfahan visit this antiquated bridge on their trip to Iran. As it was mentioned, Shahrestan bridge is counted as one of the most primitive architectural relics of Isfahan. It is believed that the stone-made piers of the Bridge date back to Sasanid era or even before that, during the Achaemenid dynasty.

The bridge’s brick superstructure, pierced by pointed arches, belongs to the Buyid and Seljuk periods. At the north end, one can see the remains of a tollhouse from the 18th century.

The main purpose for constructing this incredible bridge was to hold out against flood and its curving form is representative of that.
passing across the beautiful river of Zayandeh Rood, this bridge is famous tourist spot that works as a tourist magnet on the east side of the historical city of Isfahan. Travelling to Iran can be an amazing experience for all visitors of Iran and more specifically seeing Isfahan would be a great trip through the history of Iran.  Shahrestan Bridge is a popular attraction alongside the other attractions of the city.

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