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Sarey-e Roshan

The amazing passage of Saraye Roshan stands on Naser Khosro Street which is one of the oldest streets in Tehran. Saraye Roshan was established in 1932. It is considered as one of the primary commercial centers and its Gothic-inspired building is dramatically atypical in the setting of Iran and the figures or statues of the exterior are reminiscent of European architecture.

Actually, if you stumble upon this passage you will most probably take off your camera to snap a couple of photos or to express a comment like “magnificent”. What makes this place unique is its extraordinary shapes and architecture, most of which are Zoroastrian and Ahura Mazda simbolism which are derived from Persian myths and tales.

For years, it has been a mysterious and captivating destination for visitors of different countries. If you are looking for a historic place with Iranian art in its soul, Saraye Roshan will be a perfect choice.

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