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Saadabad Palace

Saadabad complex known as Saadabad palace is a historic and cultural place that is located in north of the capital city of Iran, Tehran. The area that has been covered by this complex is approximately 110 hectares. From the north, Saadabad palace faces the Alborz Mountains, in south it ends to Tajrish, from the east it overlooks Golabdare and on its west it shares a border with Velenjak.
The royal family of Qajar dynasty tended to use Saadabad palace for its summer stay but after the Pahlavi dynasty gained the power, it extended into a bigger place and many new gardens were added to the complex. Ever since it changed to the summer residence of kings of Pahlavi; Reza Shah, Mohammad Reza shah and the Royal family. Afterwards, the number of palaces built in the complex increased that is representative of Iranian art and architecture. Saadabad palace is being used as a venue for museums and exhibitions since the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran. It attracts many domestic and international visitors during the year.
There are 17 palaces in the Saadabad complex which has turned this palace into a very popular attraction for the travelers of Iran. As an example of these palaces we can name Mellat palace museum mostly known as the White palace. It was constructed by the order of the first king of Pahlavi dynasty, Reza Shah. Mellat palace is a two-story construction with a basement. This gigantic building consists of 54 units including 10 large salons for celebrations. There is also a theater in the mansion with an area of 220 square meters that served as the dining room of the palace. This is the largest theater in the building.
Another fabulous building in the complex of Saadabad is the fine arts museum that was used as a royal court from 1968 to 1979. It changed to the “Fine Art Museum” in 1983 and since then it attracts a large number of art lovers. It is a three-story building that has been located in the southern region of Saadabad complex.
Talking about Saadabad Complex, there would be no one who would not like to hear about the green house Museum. Previously known as Shahvand palace, the Green palace of today, is for certain one of the most beautiful palaces in Iran. It’s located in a higher level of the northwest of Saadabad.

The exterior is covered by rare beaded greenery from the province of Zanjan and was therefore called the Green Palace. This palace is a two-storey building with an area of 1203 square meters. The most interesting part of this palace is the mirror hall with a large-format carpet of seventy square meters that the carpet weaver of “Mathad” was called “Amoghli.

The other museums of this complex are s follow:
Military Museum
Royal Plates Museum
Royal Weapons Museums
Royal Cars Museums
Royal Kitchen Museums
Master Mir Emad Calligraphy Museums
Omidvar Brothers Museums
The museums of Historical Documents
Contemporary History and Handicrafts Museums
National Art Museums
Water Museums
master Behzad museum
Master Farshchian museum

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