Plastic Surgery in Iran

Plastic Surgery In Iran

Plastic surgery is used to repair and reconstruct missing or damaged tissue and skin. The main job of plastic surgery is to return the function tissues and skin in order to make it close as much as possible to the standard level of that and also improve the appearance of different body parts. Cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are closely related specialties but they are not exactly the same. In contrast with the common opinion, plastic surgery is not specifically for beauty reasons. “The term ‘plastic surgery’ is derived from the Greek word ‘plasticos’, which means a form or a sculpture. This largely relates to the field of beauty, but the truth is that plastic surgery is one type of general surgery and that is dealing with five primary areas.”

The first type of which focuses on the hands and the peripheral nerves: Surgery of the nerves, tendons, correction of congenital anomalies in hands and even the removal of tumors in the hand are of this type of plastic surgery. In this area, Iran has paved a long path and has become the most advanced country worldwide, based on specialists’ opinions.

Organ restoration is considered as the second area of plastic surgery that has been remarkably developing since the Iran-Iraq war. A lot of professional doctors of Iran are skillful and work in this field, the expert noted.

The next area which is rather popular among Iranian plastic surgeons is dental and maxillofacial surgery, which mainly focuses on correcting the congenital anomalies of the skull as well as curing tumors and fractures in the bones of the jaw and the skull.

The fourth area of plastic surgery is working around the serious burns. Most of Iran burn care centers are using the cutting-edge technology in order to grasp how stem cells can be cultured and how nanotechnology can be used to treat burns.

The last area in which plastic surgery has acquired a considerable reputation is cosmetic plastic surgery. A vast number of plastic surgeons choose to focus their practice on cosmetic surgeries and as the result, the terms are often used replaceable. It can be said that Iran is one of the countries where cosmetic surgeries are well developed and can be compared to the leading countries of the world. In terms of the number of plastic and cosmetic surgeries carrying out each year, Iran is also a leader in comparison with the rest of the world.

Plastic surgery focuses on repairing defects to reconstruct a normal function and appearance. Some of the examples of plastic surgery procedures are:

  • Breast reconstruction
  • Burn repair surgery
  • congenital defect repair : cleft palate/extremity defect repair
  • Lower extremity reconstruction
  • Hand surgery
  • Scar revision surgery 


Iran Plastic surgery Doctors

Iran is a country where you can find a sea of plastic surgeons who are specialized in most fields of plastic surgery. The Majority of Iranian plastic surgeons are the members of “Iranian Society of Plastic Surgeons”, which is one of the oldest medical societies in the world established in 1956. Moreover, most of them have also the memberships of other international medical societies such as the “American Society of Plastic Surgeons” and The “International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery” (ISAPS).

The great proficiency of Iranian plastic surgeons is because of their many years of training and experience in different fields of plastic surgery. It includes maxillofacial surgery, body contouring surgery, lower body lift, reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgeries. Iranian plastic surgeons have completed specialized fellowships in plastic and reconstructive surgeries at top quality American, European and Iranian universities and hospitals.

If you are hoping to find the best plastic surgeons, you should pay Iran a visit and look for them. The plastic surgeons in Iran are the best and they operate plastic surgeries of all types such as a nose job in the prices that can be easily afforded. It must be mentioned that the result of the surgeries will be amazing and satisfying.

Plastic surgery price in Iran

Medical tourism is a new, growing trend in Iran because of all these top quality doctors and surgeons who are operating different types of plastic surgeries.

It’s too efficient and economical to have your plastic surgery done in Iran in comparison with other countries of the world. You can get the advantage of the best quality and the best price at the same time. Patients’ satisfaction is one of the reasons that make people to undergo their plastic surgeries in Iran.

The top-notch quality of plastic surgeons and surgeries as well as the low price of this surgery in Iran has caused a massive population of people around the world to be pulled into this country. Iran gets a vast number of foreigners annually who seek to have their cosmetic surgeries in Iran.

Modern beauty clinics and hospitals

There are plenty of beauty clinics in Iran offering different types of plastic surgery procedures. Enjoying cutting-edge medical technologies and advanced equipment, beauty clinics in Tehran, Mashhad, Shiraz, Kish Island, Tabriz, and Isfahan are prepared to provide beauty-loving people from across the world with the most effective treatments and services. Not only does Iran possess a great number of well-equipped clinics, but also it boasts many modern hospitals and hospital-hotels that offer medical or health tourism services to people from across the globe at very affordable costs.

There are also some special departments in many Iranian hospitals, called International Patients Department (IPD) which are only designed and equipped to serve patients of foreign countries. These departments provide patients with VIP services, ranging from facilitation of admission, treatments by the top doctors of the hospitals, hospitalization in special rooms with the highest standards, convenient accommodations (inpatient rooms for patients and their companions), and acceptance of common foreign currencies.



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