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Niavaran Palace

Niavaran complex is a historical cultural palace located in north of Tehran. The history of this palace dates back to the Qajar and Pahlavi dynasties. The complex is a large garden that is beautifully covered with the green color of trees and the surrounding environment. The incredible architecture alongside the marvelous nature and rich history has increased on the attractiveness of this complex. At first, this complex was designed in order to welcome the royal and special top ranking guests of the court. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi had chosen Niavaran palace for the accommodation of himself and his family and offered some changes in the construction.
The architecture of the palace is inspired by the Persian architecture and a combination of pre and post Islam art. The palace is constructed in 2 floors having a half floor in the middle which is of a modern style.
The museum of Niavaran palace was first opened in 1987 to store historic monuments and contemporary artworks of Iran and some other places of the world. Some of the items that are being held in Niavaran Palace include the different decorations, priceless carpets and paintings and several gifts from various countries all around the world.

At the moment, the palace sections include; royal textile works and museum for clothes, Niavaran exclusive palace, Ahmad Shahi palace, Sahebgharanieh palace and Hoz-khane museum, Jahan Nama’ museum, exclusive cars museum of Niavaran palace, exclusive library, exclusive school, inscriptions, garden and greenhouses.

Niavaran palace acts as a very attractive tourist magnet for travelers to Iran. Therefore, visiting this amazing man-made structure is greatly recommended by Iranhrc Co.

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