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Naqshe Jahan Square

Naqshe Jahan square or Meidan-e Emam (called by some people), is the most popular and the primary tourist attraction of the historical city of Isfahan. Naqshe Jahan square is registered as one of the Iranian sites in UNESCO World Heritage lists. It is located in the central part of Isfahan and attracts a large number of tourists each year. Naqshe Jahan square is surrounded by some other tourist spots of Isfahan. When some tourists travel to Iran, Naqshe Jahan square is the first place they visit. In Persian language, Naqsh-e Jahan means “The world’s image”. There are many historical places of different architecture and purposes around this square and all together alongside the grand bazaar of Isfahan form a fantastic huge complex to travel and see.

A brief history of the square

Naqsh-e Jahan Square was built between 1598 and 1629 by the order of Shah Abbas. In 1598, The Shah decided to move the capital of Persian Empire from Qazvin to Isfahan as a more secure and convenient place. To commemorate the new role of Isfahan and also to create a place to hold national events, Naqsh-e Jahan Square was designed.   Shaykh Bahai became the leading architect of the project. Since the politic strategy of Shah Abbas was concentrated on centralizing power structure of Iran, the main idea of the project was to reflect all the components of power.

As it was mentioned, Naqshe Jahan square is surrounded from north and south by Qeisarie Gates and Imam Mosque respectively. In a short walking distance you can also find Shah Chehel Sotoon Palace, Shah historical Mosque and Hasht Behesht Palace. Some of the historical Bridges of Isfahan are located near this square as well.

Ali Qapu palace which was the residence spot of Shah Abbas (king of Safavid Dynasty) is open to visitors and they can enjoy visiting inside the palace. You just need to provide the ticket.

Isfahan is a popular historical tourist attraction of Iran and almost all  visitors of Iran spend at least a couple of days in this city. Visiting its historical sites is really amazing and a must-see spot for those who travel to Iran.

Naqshe Jahan square is considered as one the biggest squares in the world. This square apart from the four amazing historical structures in it, is so beautiful and eye-catching. Travelers can enjoy its amazing fountains and green lawns, many souvenirs stores and a lot of ice-cream shops. Travelers to this incredible square can either take a horse-ride or walk under the sunset  and enjoy the beautiful nature in the square.

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