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Monar Jonban; Isfahan

Monar Jonban is a historical shrine located in the historical and famous city of Isfahan. Its construction background dates back to the Mongol era. The shrine is built over the tombstone of Amu Abdollah. Amu in the native language means Uncle. The architecture of Monar Jonban is incredibly unique and wonderful, what causes this old monument to be considered as one the most favorite historic attractions of the city. This amazing structure in the far west of Isfahan, works as a prominent tourist destination and welcomes a large number of visitors annually. The greatness of the twin symmetric minarets in the structure cannot be described in words. They are more than a masterpiece. You can sense the vast knowledge of its architects that lies beneath it and is reflected in the magnificent structure of the minarets.

The primary and the most significant characteristic of this monument is that by shaking one minaret, the other minaret starts to shake with the exact same frequency. It can somehow be felt in the whole structure as well. for those who travel to Iran for the first time, seeing this amazingly built monument is a must-see and they are going to be a lot surprised by visiting the twin minarets.

Currently, the entrance to the minarets is only granted to a special guard who reaches there through spiral steps which then get him to the minarets passing through an arched summit. After shaking one of the minarets the transmitted vibration can be seen from the waves that form on the surface of a bowl of water which is already placed over the tomb. The magnificent tile-and-mosaic work constitutes the main decoration of the Iwan, with the inner surface of the arch covered by blue tiles. Visitors almost always wonder at the magnificent sight with which these works of art provide the spectators.

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