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Mellat Park

Mellat Park is considered as one of the largest and oldest Parks of Tehran, Iran. It was opened in 1976 and covers a vast area of thirty four thousand hectares. Mellat Park is home to various species of trees and shrubs. The Park works as a real tourist spot in the capital city of Iran and attracts many travelers’ attention annually.

Mellat Park is placed in north of Tehran in Vali-e Asr Street (the longest street in the country) benefiting from a pleasing weather. One of the many features of Mellat Park that attracts every individual’s attention is its beautiful entrance decorated with artistic sculptures, amazingly colorful flowers, small fountains and tall trees. This combination of natural and man-made beauties offer you to visit the Park.

There are two well-known sculptures in Mellat Park that catch your attention when walking in the park. One is the “Mother statue” and the other is the statue of “AmirKabir” (chief minister of Qajar king Naser al-Din Shah).

Another attraction of the Park is its artificial lake. It is located in an area of 22000 square meters of Mellat Park and is less than forty years of age. Walking around this incredible lake with its amazingly beautiful surrounding can uplift your soul and cause you feel relaxed and happy. While standing on the yellow bridge passing over the lake, you can admire the fantastic scenery. In addition, there are a couple of cafes and a fast-food store on the eastern part of the Lake in which you can drink or eat a sandwich while enjoying the environment.

To name another spot in the park where you can spend your time having fun is the 4 dimensional cinema. Anyone who travels to Iran will find it an exciting experience. The only thing the travelers to park need to do is to buy the ticket and then they can enjoy their time. You will be given some special glasses that you can watch a short movie through them. There is also the Mellat cinema complex across from the 4-D cinema. If you have traveled to Iran and you are looking for a good cinema to watch movies, Mellat cinema complex is certainly a good choice. Many recent movies of the country are being screened at this five-saloon cinema.

Therefore, Mellat Park and its inside attractions are to make you some fabulous memories that will be with you in your lifetime. Contact us, travel to Iran and enjoy your moments here.



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