Mangrove forest

Mangrove Forest

The Mangrove forest also known as Hara forest is located in the southern part of Iran on the Coast of Qeshm Island in the Persian Gulf.  This beautiful forest is considered as one of the most attractive and wonderful places of Qeshm Island. Many visitors to Iran believe that it is the most beautiful place on the Island. It has a really great atmosphere alongside very picturesque scenery. In order to visit different parts of the jungle, you can take a ferry. You can see beautiful herons on your trip to this place if you are lucky. The best time that you can pay Hara jungle a visit is winter because the weather at that time is amazing in Qeshm Island.

This forest of Mangrove and the opposite main land covers a wide area with lots of tidal channels. The area which is covered by this forest is almost 20 km by 20 km. The leaves of the Hara tree were used traditionally by stock breeders of the island as livestock food. With the aim of preparing a suitable setting for growing and preserving the forest, the Hara Protected Area was established in 1972.

Reptiles, fish, different species of arthropoda and bivalves, and migratory flocks of birds inhabit this area especially during winter. The forest is also home for Green (or hooked) turtles and venomous aquatic snakes. Herons, flamingos, pelicans, and angler eagles comprise the bird life of the forest. Fish usually ovulate within the seabed in the forest due to ideal conditions of the Persian Gulf.

If you are seeking to travel to Iran, seeing this incredible forest is highly recommended.

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