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Lake Parishan

Parishan or the so called Famoun Lake is a wonderful lake near the city of Kazeroon, Fars province. It is in a 3-kilometer distance from Ayaz Abad village. The lake has a sweet non-potable water. The existence of different fishes in this lake and their free life in the sweet water of the lake has enhanced the beauty of the lake. Moreover, this lake is used as a fish farm as well. Famour (Parishan) Lake is one of the most beautiful as well as one of the biggest sweet water lakes in Iran and the Middle East. Parishan Lake of Iran covers an area of 4300 hectares and it is located 850 meters above the sea level. This Lake has been registered as an international wetland of Iran in the Ramsar’s convention. The main water sources of Parishan Lake are the many small and big springs of Arzhan plain and Famour plain. There are also many springs at bottom of the lake which are the source of water themselves. Parishan Lake is home to many rare species of birds such as aquatics too. The depth of the lake is between 3.5 meter and 5 meters. Having sweet water is not the only good feather of this lake. More importantly, Parishan Lake is the habitat to more than 353 native and non-native birds and this makes this place a really unique one. The non-native and migrant birds of the lake fly from the very far distances of Cyberia, Canada and Denmark passing kilometers to Parishan Lake and at the end of the season, come back to their own place of live. Famoun Lake of Iran is surrounded by mountains and the lake is not far from them. This beautiful lake work as a tourist magnet and attracts a huge number of domestic and international tourists each year. Many travelers of Iran come to this relaxing area to spend hours free of hustle and bustle of living in big cities. Fishing, walking and enjoying the outstanding nature around help you calm your mind and indeed sense the tranquility of the place.

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