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Kish Island

The elegant Island of Kish is located in the Persian Gulf as a part of Hormmozgan province in south of Iran. This Beautiful Island which is like a diamond in southern parts of Iran is also a tourist magnet that attracts around a million tourists each year. Many of its visitors travel to Kish in order to see the outstanding and particular nature, quiet and magnificent beaches covered with coral sand, clear water with incomparable transparency that lets you see the aquatics in a depth of few meters. It has a coral structure. Several tourists who travel to Iran pay the outstanding Island of Kish a visit to enjoy its beauty and cleanliness. Most of them are nature and see lovers. Kish Island is considered as a flat land which has a relative height of 32 meters above the sea level. Not only is sightseeing a reason to travel to Kish Island, but also it’s a great place for those travelers who are seeking adventure and all the water sports. In addition, for those visitors who travel to Iran to Shop at Iranian stores, Kish Island could be an appropriate spot.


The hot and sultry climate of Kish Island has an average pleasant temperature of about 27 Celsius each year. Under the effect of north-western and southern air masses which brush against the island, the climate remains dry with low precipitation. With rain showers in winter and a humidity that can reach up to 100 per cent in summer, the best time to travel would be January to April.

Some top attractions of Kish Island

  • Greek Ship
  • Kish Dolphin Park
  • Ocean Water Park
  • Kariz-e Kish
  • Ladies Beach
  • Maryam Beach
  • Kish diving center
  • Marina Kish

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