Iran Money; Learn how to pay

It has happened to every traveler to find Iran’s currency really confusing. Many passengers have mistakenly paid more money to buy things or they have been confused what the real price is. It is highly recommended to learn how the currency in Iran works and how you should pay for stuff. Here, we are trying to help you out with this perplexing issue. So, your trip to Iran would be a lot easier and more comfortable.
Iran‘s official currency is Rial (IRR). However, you buy things and materials in Toman. When you go somewhere, the salesperson will tell you the price in Toman not Rial. Therefore, you have to completely be aware of the system and you should have perceived how it works.

How does it work?
As we already mentioned, the official Iran’s currency is Rial. It’s what has been written on Iranian bills. For example, you might come across 10000, 20000, and 100000 rial bills and some other bills with different values but the real value of these bills will be determined by Toman. The difference between Rial and Toman is that Toman is one tenth of Rial (in terms of numbers and digits). It means that the price of a product in Toman has one zero less than its price in Rial. For example, if you buy a good for 200000 Rial, you will be told to pay 20000 Toman. You can see that one zero is removed from the price. Something that helps you through this problem is the price tags. It’s better to pay enough attention to the tags and see whether they have been written in Rial or Toman. Then, according to the fact that was already explained, you can easily decide how much to pay for that thing. People in Iran barely say the price of something in Rial and Toman is preferred almost everywhere. Therefore, that makes it easier for you.
There is also another fact about the currency in Iran. Local people in their everyday life, usually tend to say the price of a thing free of its thousand. For example, if the money that you have to pay for something is 2000 Toman, you might hear the word 2 Toman, which means 2000 Toman, and 40 Toman means 40 thousand Toman. So, do not get confused if you hear the price in that way. It’s in Toman and by using the system that is explained above, you can pay for your shop free of any problems.
To wrap it up, we start to clarify the point with some more examples. Reading and paying sufficient attention to these examples will certainly help you to become absolutely familiar with the currency in Iran and the system that it works with. It is just about the zeros and is easily understandable through the following instances.
1000 Toman (1 Toman) (one thousand Toman) = 10000 Rials (ten thousand Rials)
2000 Toman (2 Toman) (two thousand Toman) = 20000 Rials (twenty thousand rials)
5000 Toman (5 Toman) (five thousand Toman) = 50000 Rials (fifty thousand Rials)
50000 Toman (50 Toman) (fifty thousand Toman) = 500000 Rials (Five hundred thousand Rials)
100000 Toman (100 Toman) (one hundered thousand Toman) = 1000000 Rials (one million Rials)

These were just some of the examples and the number of situations you may face will be absolutely more than the above examples. This just clarifies how it works and how to calculate to pay for the thing you buy. Therefore, if you are planning to travel to Iran and spend your vacation in this amazingly beautiful and historical country and create some enjoyable and everlasting moments for yourselves, do not think of the Iranian currency as a serious issue. Read the information that has been provided on this page and contact us to plan an amazing trip free of any currency problems to Iran for you.

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