Hormoz Island

Hormoz Island

Hormoz Island is situated in Strait of Hormoz in Persian Gulf. It is 8 kilometers far from the Iranian coast and considered as a part of Hormozgan Province. The island which has an area of 42 square meters is covered by sedimentary rock and layers of volcanic materials on the surface. The precipitation level is low there. Hence the water and soil are salty. This awesome island has many beaches some of which are still virgin. For reaching the island, you can take a ferry from Bandar Abas city or Qeshm Island which both have airports. You can see most parts of the Hormoz in only one day but it is not recommended. The environment of the this place is attractively proper for a few days of camping. So, it is highly recommended to bring a tent while going to the Island. There are some beaches and valleys in which you can camp out. Hormoz Island is extremely hot during the midday especially in summers. At this time, you had better spend your time holing up in some shade or going to town to eat lunch. After all, winter is the best time you can see this amazing Island. Walking into the town can take a very long time and there isn’t usually any traffic on the island. The River Art studio which aims to provide free art training and education for all of the women there, is one of the places on Hormoz Island that should definitely be visited. So, planning a trip to this amazing place can be a completely new experience for travelers.

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