Hesel Swamp

Hesel Swamp

Hesel Swamp In the southwestern part of the city of Chalus in the forest Sinava and Talaju is definitely an attractive destination for many visitors of Iran. It is located in the middle of a beautiful forest and has different scenes and attractions in each season of the year. In native dialect of the town Hesel means stagnant water. That’s why they call this place Hesel swamp since its water is stagnant.

These picturesque scenery alongside the amazing clump of trees as well as the melodious sound of birds and other animals has turned this swamp to one of the best places for enjoying the nature and sightseeing. A good place that can release you from the hustle and bustle of living in large cities.

Many travelers and visitors give this outstanding swamp a visit each day to get the advantage of its quiet relaxing environment. In spring and summer the whole surface of the lagoon is covered by the green dress of algae which makes this swamp shine like a green jewelry in the heart of the jungle. This green color changes into red and orange as fall and winter arrive.

There is no word that can truly describe the Hesel swamp. The only way you can sense the beauty of this place is to travel there and feel it in person.

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