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Gisoom Jungle Park

Gisoom Jungle Park is one of the many attractions of Gilan province which is incredible in its own type. A very beautiful and green spot that has a lot of tall trees grown on each side of the road and created a wonderful tunnel that steals every single visitor’s heart and uplift their souls. In fact, Gisoom jungle is the point where sea and jungle meet each other. Benefiting from such an incredible feature makes this attraction more unique and taking a tour of that would be an everlasting memory. If you plan to travel to Iran, going to Gilan province and enjoying the unbelievably beautiful jungles of Gisoom is highly recommended.

The road reaching Gisoom Park is very eye-catching in a way that you feel that you are in heaven. Hearing the sound of birds and watching the greenness of the place help you just think about the beauty of life. If you are into driving, the road to Gisoom Park would be perfection. The jungles cover an area of 80 hectares of various trees and plants species.

The facilities of Gisoom Jungle Park

There are a lot of activities available for the visitors of this park. Having a parking space in the area of the park is for sure an advantage. The facilities include children play ground and equipment, stadium, camp site, beach clubs, hotel, picnic area, walking paths, natural museum of flowers and so on. Therefore, spending your time in this outstanding park makes you feel that time is flying.

Sand Beach of Gisoom Jungle

Another beauty of Gisoom Jungles is the sand beach that is very attractive for the tourists and visitors of this place. Walking on the sand beach alongside the gentle breeze blowing can add a lot the joy of seeing Gisoom Park. There also many water sports you are provided with on the beach.

Iran as a country that has a lot of jungles (mostly centralized in north of the country) and jungle parks, attract a large number of tourist each year and Gisoom Jungle Park is the definitely the most beautiful one.

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