Fin Garden in Kashan

Fin garden in Kashan can be named as the shining emerald in all Persian gardens of  Iran. The finest example of Persian gardens under the UNESCO world heritage sites. A magnificent green ocean in the heart of the dry city of Kashan which is home to several natural beauties as well as strange tales. Fin Garden is one of the most beautiful Persian gardens of Iran and probably the oldest one. Considering its unique and unbelievable features, Fin Garden of Kashan has been registered in UNESCO world heritage sites. There is no precise information about the oldness of Fin garden but according to statistics it is probably for the beginning of Safavid period. There is a historic mansion (Kooshk Razavi) located in the center of Fin garden which is a very interesting site and definitely worth visiting. Two of the most important particles in the architecture of this outstanding Persian garden are water and trees which have created a wonderful fresh environment in this historical garden. The historical bath (Hammam) of Fin in the garden is another must-see attraction in the complex.

Why is it called Fin?

In the past, this garden used to be called Shah garden since Shah means “big” in Persian and it refers to the big area of the garden. But later on, it was named Fin garden due to being located in Fin region.

12-Fountain Pond

There are twelve fountains in this pond which are evidence of the greatness of Persian architecture in the construction of Fin garden. The unique fact about this pond is that there is no external power from the outside to these 12 fountains and they are working vertically.


There is also a museum in Fin garden where lots of handicrafts, calligraphy, ceramic works, piece of cloths and a lot more artistic works being kept. It is an interesting place for the visitors of Fin garden.

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