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Eram Garden

Eram Garden in Shiraz is considered as one the most magnificent and popular Persian gardens of the whole country of Iran, located in the north side of the Khoshk River.

It is worth mentioning that the word “Eram” is the Farsi version of “Iram” which is an Arabic word. It means heaven in the holy Qur’an. Considering its elegance, the outstanding grounds, beautiful attractions and the amazingly green plant life there, it will not be hard to realize why Eram garden is of this high degree of importance for travelers.

While walking in the amazing Eram garden, you can enjoy the refreshing air, pleasing birds’ singing as well as watching the awesome flowers. There is a unique tree in the Eram garden called Sarv-e-naz, which has aged around 3000 years to this date. All the aforementioned features make the Eram garden a really important tourist destination for domestic and international tourists. The best time to visit this enchanting Persian garden is during the spring. So plan your trip to Iran at that time if possible.

The exact date of the construction of the garden is not completely known, but according to historical evidence the garden was built in the Seljuk Dynasty era (eleventh to fourteenth centuries).

Shiraz has a lot of attractions for visitors and all tourists who travel to Iran will definitely want to visit Shiraz on their trip. Eram garden is one of the many attractions of Shiraz that should be listed on your trip schedule. Iranhrc is proud to help you out through planning your trip. You just need to contact us and then everything will go perfectly.


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