Travel To Iran


Qazvin is located in northwest of Iran(150 km northwest of Tehran) and itwas an ancient capital in the Persian Empire and nowadays is known as the calligraphy capital of Iran. Qazvin is ranked as the first city in Iran and also third city in the world as the matter of historical attractions. It is famous for its Baklava, carpet patterns, poets, newspaper and Pahlavi (Middle Persian) influence on its accent.The word “Qazvin” is the Arabic form of Caspian, and Caspians were a white people/tribe who were living in Caspian beach, and later they founded Qazvin.

Historical sites of Qazvin include Safavid Garden Complex, Mansions, City Gates, Bathes, Ab anbars (a traditional reservoir or cistern of drinking water in Persian antiquity), Bazaars, Schools, Mosques, Churches, and Tombs.In factthe most famous surviving edifices from the Safavid era, dating to the period in which it was capital of Persia is Chehelsotoon (KolahFarangi) Mansion, today a museum in central Qazvin and in the middle of the city lie the ruins of MeimoonGhal’eh.

One of the most well-known and attractivenatural landscape that no tourists should miss, is roof of Qazvin, Alamut (means eagle’s nest), and its undoubtedly beautiful lake Ovan. There exists an ancient castle named Alamut castle that its walls are being preserved because of its historical significance.