Kashan, To iran


Kashan is a city in Isfahan province, Iran. Despite its potentials in tourism sector, it has not been fully developed to live up to such capabilities. The number of tourists usually do not exceed a thousand per year. Qamsar and Abyaneh are also two cities near Kashan which are visited by tourist during the year. A man-made cave as well as a fireplace in Niasar, another nearby city are also famous tourist sights of this region

Kashan’s carpets, silk and textile industry are appreciated all around the world. Most of modern carpet-weaving factories and workshops and also major marble and copper mines are located in Kashan.

Kings of Safavid dynasty spent their leisure time in Kashan, especially at Bagh-e Fin (Fin Garden) which was designed with a huge pool and magnificent orchards on Shah Abbas’s order. During Qajar dynasty, most of the the original buildings were renovated but the layout of trees and marbles remained intact. The construction of the Garden itself traces back to 7000 years ago alongside Cheshmeh-ye-Soleiman.  Mirza Taghi Khan (Amir Kabir), chancellor of Nasser-al-Din Shah (Iran’s king in 1852), was assassinated in this garden.