Esfahan, historically also rendered in English as IspahanSepahan, or Hispahan, is the capital of Esfahan province and located about 340 kilometer south of Tehran. Esfahan is Iran’s masterpiece, the jewel of ancient Persia. The exquisite blue mosaic tiles of buildings, its traditional Bazaar and bridges demand as much of your time as you can spare.

More than historian believe; this area was center of armies gathering to get ready to war. Even today, the city retains much of its past glory. It is famous for its Islamic architecture, with many beautiful boulevards, covered bridges, palaces, mosques, churches, and minarets. This led to the Persian poverb “Esfahan nesfe jahan ast” (Esfahan is half of the world).

The Naghshe-e Jahan Square in Esfahan is one of the largest city square in the world and an outstanding example of Iranian Islamic architecture. It has been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Of the most famous sites in Esfahan are: Ali Qapu(the Royal Palace), Pole Khaju, Chehel Sotoun, Si-o-Seh Pol, Naghsh-e Jahan square, Chaharbagh Boulevard, Menar Jonban, Atashgah Zoroastrian fire temple, Jame mosque, Shah mosque, And Sheikh Lotf Allah mosque.