Cinema Museum of Iran

Cinema museum of Iran, located in north of Tehran, is undoubtedly one of the most fantastic attractions of the capital. It has been built in the heart of an eye-catching garden and offers a lovely place to its visitors. Visiting the cinema museum of Iran gives Travelers the chance to get familiar with the history of Iran’s cinema as well as providing them with the opportunity to create some enjoyable moments for themselves during their trip to Tehran. The museum of cinema is in a glorious mansion and that makes it more appealing. There are also coffee shops, cinema halls and some other places in the garden which can attract your attentions.
The garden where the cinema museum of Iran is located is called Ferdows garden. Ferdows means Paradise in the native language. The history of the garden dates back to approximately 130 years ago in the time of Qajar dynasty. The mansion that is in the garden is a two-story building that has had various functions during the years; from being used as a high school to a cultural and art center. After Dr. Afshar Yazdi bought the garden and its surrounding properties, this spot officially turned into a cultural place and is known as cinema museum of Iran since 2002.

The garden is a good sample of Persian architecture. Moreover, the walls and pillars of the mansion are all coated with fancy moldings that are very impressive on the visitors. Therefore, alongside seeing and looking at the items in the museum, it is highly advised to precisely observe the walls and ceilings of the structure. Different sections of the building include the blue hall, the cinema hall, the central hall, celebrities exhibition, children and adolescent exhibition, house of Farhad and a few more.
Accordingly, visiting this outstanding place on your trip to Iran is greatly recommended. Cinema museum of Iran attracts a lot of domestic and foreign tourists annually. For those travelers who are looking for a calm and beautiful place to walk among tall trees and fountains while birds are singing, cinema museum of Tehran and its garden is a good choice. If you travel to Iran to experience some gratifying moments, watching Iranian movies, eat and drink in Iranian cafes, visiting book shops and more importantly purchasing Iranian handicrafts, again cinema museum of Iran is the proper choice. Don’t miss your time and contact us (Iranhrc) to plan your trip and pave the path of traveling to Iran for you.

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