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Chitgar (Persian Gulf) Lake

The idea of making an artificial lake in Tehran sparkled in 1968 right after the Comprehensive Urban Development Plan of the city was drawn up. Due to the then-existing technical and financial barriers, however, the implementing of the plan was putt off to a later date, finally scheduled to be constructed starting 2003 and within 8 years from then on. Given the tremendously intricate construction procedure of the project, the demand for cooperation with other professional engineering companies seemed inevitable.  After injecting a lot of effort and resolution into the project, Chitgar Lake arose in western part of Tehran.

Chitgar or the so called Persian Gulf Lake is considered as a widely popular tourist attraction not only for Iranians but for all visitors. It provides the visitors with several interesting and amusing activities and present them a fabulous opportunity to spend a perfect time together. The weather around Chitgar Lake is fresh and really pleasing. Spending a day at this enchanting area will definitely help you calm and feel refreshed. There is a vast number of activities that can be done in this beautiful region of the city including; boating, 4-D cinema, a small amusement park and very top quality restaurants and coffee shops around the lake. In addition, the picturesque scenery with a lot of tall buildings around can create a splendid view in every traveler’s mind. In case the tourists are into buying stuff in the place around Persian Gulf Lake, there are some shopping centers in this tourist spot where you can shop for your needs. Iranhrc would be really proud to be in your company during your trip to Iran and provides all the necessary and appropriate services for you.

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