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Chama Ice Cave

Going to a cold place is interesting and fun and it can be a lot more pleasant when you go there in the summer. If you are looking for this place, we (Iranhrc) highly recommend travelling to Iran and see Chama Ice Cave. When you travel to Iran, don’t miss your chance to see this fabulous cave near Chelgerd in Kouhrang County. In a 25 kilometer distance from the county, go a bit further and you will arrive at one of the most incredible ice caves in Iran. This unique cave is very popular among tourists of Iran. Chama ice cave is considered as a primary and big fresh-water source. The icicles of the cave have created a delightful perspective, in some ways it can be dangerous though since the global weather is getting warmer these days. There is another charming tourist spot that is located under the surface of Chama cave. It’s a wonderful spring of cold water. There, you are provided with the chance to adore its pleasantly cool fresh water that goes along to the tunnels of Kouhrang.

Located at the front end of Chama plain, Chama ice cave is a favorite tent site for Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari nomadic tribes whose fresh dairy products and friendly manner are to experience in the hot season.

There can be seen a warehouse of snow while you go into this unique ice cave of Iran. Walking in the spectacular cave of Chama and seeing the splendid view can be an unrepeatable experience for you. In hot seasons of the year, going to a cold place can soothe you and help you feel fresh and relaxed. So, it is highly recommended to travel to Iran and see this marvelous cave  in summer as it’s the best time to go there.  Travelling to Iran can create many everlasting memories for you and visiting Chama cave in Kouhrang County is definitely one of them. Many tourists of Iran believe that Chama cave is a must-see place.

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