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Chabahar City

With a very humid climate, Chabahar is the warmest part of Iran even in the winter and it remains the coolest southern port of Iran during the summer. Chabahar’s name (which translates as ‘four springs’ in Persian) is given to it Because of the mild and moderate spring climate. Don’t miss its spicy foods like Pakistani curries and you will also meet and come across the friendly Baluchi people whilst walking on the bright beaches.

Chabahar is a beautiful unknown destination for those who seek to have an amazing travel to Iran, even most of the Iranians won’t know for what they would come to this area of the country. As beautiful as Chabahar is, this destination has also stayed unknown even for most of Iranians, but once one steps in the region, it unravels its many reasons to stay and enjoy. Chabahar’s free-zone, as a magnificent blend of diverse cultures, people, and tourist attractions neighbors the shore to the incredible Oman Sea and its rare natural setting.

Benefiting from the monsoon rains coming from the Indian subcontinent, makes the weather of this southern port the coolest in summer and the warmest in winter. So, as the name suggests, the spring will show its hospitality to the visitors all year round.

At first the Oman Sea is great for doing water sports, go scuba diving, surfing, or just enjoy the Chabahar Bay sunrise and sunset at the sea. If you are planning to travel to Iran, visiting Chabahar city will be a unique experience.

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