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Botox Injection

Today, becoming and remaining beautiful is hard to achieve. People are more stressed out these days because of the severe pressure of life. On the other hand, the air we breathe contains lots of pollution and negative ions that can age our skin. It can have a diverse effect on our skin that causes the skin to be wrinkled prematurely. The sun’s UV radiation is also a contributing factor to skin aging.

Botox that currently is considered as the number one non-surgical aesthetic treatment, is a complex protein secreted from a bacterium called clostridium. Pure and sterile form of this product has been processed for injection use in medical applications. After injection, it causes a kind of temporary paralysis of the muscle. Loss of subcutaneous muscle contraction leads to disappearance of skin wrinkles covering the muscle. The injections take 5 to 10 minutes. Each patient receives advice and he/she is photographed before and after treatment and the entire process takes about 30 minutes.

Botox treatment does not require any specific recovery period. It may cause a burning infusion and a mild redness that will die down within a few hours. Experiencing bruising for a couple of days is another possible effect of Botox injection after the surgery.

It is advisable to avoid lying down after getting an injection and avoid rubbing the injection spot until Botox is fully absorbed into the muscles of the injection spot.

Usually, one or two days after the injection, the wrinkles gradually disappear, and this lasts for 3 to 6 months. After this time, the effect of Botox disappears and the wrinkles will appear again. At this time, the Botox injection can be repeated according to the patient’s desire.

When there isn’t any risk associated with doing Botox injections beyond the borders, it would be reasonable to do so. If it was a complex surgery, you would be unwilling to travel. This even makes more sense when you get your Botox in a country like Iran where thousands of experienced doctors are available. Iran and its Botox clinics are considered as one of the most noted destinations for those who seek to have their Botox injection done in top quality centers with cutting-edge technologies.

Pros and cons compared to other injective methods:

Botox works by relaxing the muscles which are responsible for fine lines and, on the other hand, fillers work by filling in the fine lines and deep wrinkles.  In Addition, Botox is more suited to dynamic lines that move or which are due to a person’s facial expressions.  Permanent static lines are better treated with dermal fillers rather than Botox.

For doing the Botox injection, the thing that matters most is the proficiency of the doctor who injects the substance into your skin. That’s where Iranian doctors nail down their superiority. With a great number of people opting for such beauty enhancement procedures, Iranian doctors have vast expertise in doing such procedures.

It’s not only the doctors in whom you can trust easily, but the quality of medical services in Iran is also based on the international standards. There are plenty of well-equipped modern clinics in Iran which offer effective non-surgical cosmetic procedures like Botox injection treatment.


There are a lot of cosmetic clinics in Iran in which Botox surgery is being done. It is not painful and does not require anesthesia. After disinfection of the skin, the doctor uses insulin syringes to inject small amounts of Botox into the top of the eyebrows, the forehead and around the eyes.


Depending on the doctor, commercial brand of the substance, clinic, and dose of injection, depth of the wrinkles, and pre-op tests, Botox injection price in Iran is really affordable. The total price for each injection in Iran is considerably better in comparison with other countries.


Iranian doctors and clinics use different brands of Botox. Dysport and Neuronox are the best and most effective ones, the former being made in the UK and the latter in South Korea. Although their price is more expensive than other brands of botulinum toxin, their quality is much better and they last longer.


We are really fortunate that there are so many types of Botox on the market of Iran to benefit from. In addition, Iran Botox clinics offer a wide variety of services all at an affordable price. Also Botox Injection in Iran is done by experienced doctors in order to prevent any serious complication. Trained cosmetic specialists of Iran perform Botox injection and administer the procedure safely and leave you with desired results you have always wished for.

Medical tourism is a growing trend in Iran which attracts many people of other countries each year. In this case, Iranhrc offers you the best medical tours where you can experience both entertainment and treatment in one trip. We can set you an appointment with Iran’s best doctors that can do the Botox injection for you at the top quality clinics of Iran. We can also give you the opportunity to enjoy your travel to Iran.

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