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Best time to visit Iran

The answer for the best time to travel to Iran varies depending on what you intend to do in Iran. Visitors are provided with countless opportunities in Iran. For example, those who are keen on cultural places or trekking and adventurer trips can have a great time in Iran. Iran has been considered as a tourist destination where you can be wondered by its mesmerizing architecture, deserts, mountains, jungles, etc. If you love pampering yourself, Iran is the place to be!

Iran is one of the only countries in the world which has the four seasons at the same time. While the north of the country is covered with snow, down in the south you can find tropical weather. Therefore, the climate of the country is different because of the global features. It is possible to go skiing in the north of Tehran in winter, and just a day after that you can head south to Kish Island in order to get a tan on beautiful beaches of the Island.

So, Deciding on the best time for traveling to Iran would not be easy. It absolutely depends on so many personal or local factors including what season you like the most and your intentions of trip. For instance, some travelers prefer visiting Iran when it is not very hot or when places are not intolerably crowded and some others prefer the local and traditional events. As a general suggestion, it is recommended to plan your trip to Iran in late March to late May when you can enjoy the amazing weather and many cities dressed up in green, or you can plan your trip in late September to mid-October when you can feel very pleasant weather.

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