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Ali Sadr Cave

Name of the city Hamedan is a reminder of the famous Ali Sadr cave. The most famous and popular attraction of the city and the biggest water cave in the world. A great number of visitors from inside and outside of the country go to this outstanding cave to see the amazing spring and summer of this place. Ali Sadr cave is located in KaboudarAhang town in the province of Hamedan. The town is in a distance of 59 kilometers from Hamedan. The cave is placed on the heights of Sariqieh. The entrance of the cave used to be very narrow and no one but the professional mountain climbers could pass through it, but after a while, Abdollah Hajilou, assisted by local people, made the entrance a lot bigger and these days it is about 5 meters wide and its height of entrance is 3 meters. Little by little, using concretes, it turned to an appropriate place for walking in and after getting equipped, it was possible for the public to visit this unique and spectacular cave.

The name of Ali Sadr cave has a story behind it. It is claimed that a shepherd named Ali Sad, has made a dam on the water of the cave and later on his name remained for the village too. Afterward, his name was registered as Ali Sadr in the governmental offices. Therefore it is known as Ali Sadr these days.  Ali Sadr cave of Iran is a popular tourist magnet in the west of the country and is so popular among the visitors of Iran. Visiting this incredibly beautiful natural cave of Iran is highly recommended. Iranhrc as a prominent tour operator is proud of organizing several tour of Ali Sadr cave. So, contact us to help you with your trip to Iran and seeing Ali Sadr cave. The best time to see this outstanding cave is in spring and the beginning of summer, you can travel to this place in cold seasons though.




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