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Ali Qapu Palace

As one of the most popular and primary tourist attractions of Isfahan, Ali Qapu Palace located in the western part of Naqshe-e Jahan square is a beautiful historical palace the name of which means “imperial gate”.

Ali Qapu History

The palace historical background dates back to Safavid Era and it was constructed between the years 1611 and 1629. At that time, Shah Abbas ordered to build Ali Qapu as a part of Naqshe Jahan square. The prominent architect of that time, Sheykh Bahaie, was the main architect of the project. The palace was considered as a residence for the Shah to represent his power. Ali Qapu palace is designed in 6 floors having a lot of halls and a very big balcony. The palace was plundered and somewhat destructed throughout its history and built up by various rulers.

The floors in the Palace are designed with special purposes. The chancellery was on the first floor. There is a large hall on the 3rd floor. The Shah used this hall as his official receptions. The untouched ceiling of this floor is filled with the paintings of Reza Abbasi who was the court painter of Shah Abbasi. The 6th floor was usually used for Music and it was referred to as the musical hall of the palace.

With its acoustic walls, the interior design of the wall serves both aesthetic and pragmatic purposes. Various celebrations and musical events took place inside this hall. Having been built right atop the hall, the balcony sits on its 18 pillars out of wood giving the observer’s eyes a magnificent vie over the Naqsh-e Jahan Square. Some of the most exquisite restaurants of the city are located around the square and hence not a long distance away from Ali Qapu. But the restaurants nearby are not the only asset; if you are looking for somewhere to buy unique souvenirs of a range as wide as your imagination and also taste traditional desserts, there are numerous shops and cafes around the Square.

Travelers to Iran almost always set Isfahan and Naqsh-e Jahan Square as its gem on their trip schedule. Let us (Iranhrc) know if you are bound to indulge in the magic of this city while traveling to Iran.

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