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Afif Abad Garden

Afif Abad Garden is located in the historic city of Shiraz and is definitely one of the most beautiful historical gardens in the city. Afif Abad garden covers an approximate area of 127000 square meters. The Garden was considered as an important place and promenade of kings during Safavid era.

The amazing colorful environment of Afif Abad Garden represents the Iranian art in planting flowers. The garden is located in an affluent region of Shiraz. There is a beautiful royal palace in the garden as well as a fantastic museum of old weapons in the Afif Abad garden. It is a really great attraction for those who want to travel to Iran. Afif Abad garden is registered on the list of Iranian National Heritage Sites. The architecture of the garden is a mixture of the architectural features of the Achaemenid, Sassanid, and Qajar eras. 

The manor house in the garden has two floors with almost thirty chamber halls in it. In the north and south of the building, you can see two carved marble fireplaces. At the moment, the lower floor is being used as a museum of military and a magnificent fountain has been installed there. The floor leads to the second by a three-stair climb. The long corridor on the second floor accommodates rooms on its both sides that are connected to each other through one after another. A glamorous expansive hall is located right in the middle of this floor. The ceiling in the hall is made out of wood embellished with drawings of the nature, hunting preserves, and celebration and cheerfulness.  

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