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Imam Mosque (Former Shah Mosque)

Imam Mosque formerly known as Shah Mosque (before the Islamic revolution) is an outstanding mosque located in Naqshe Jahan complex (the primary tourist attraction of Isfahan city). Considering its incredible and spectacular tile works and architecture, Imam Mosque is a masterpiece which portrays the fantastic Persian architecture in the Islamic era. Imam mosque has been registered as a UNESCO World heritage site and attracts a large number of tourists (domestic and international) each year. We (Iranhrc) recommend visiting this popular tourist destination to everyone who travels to Iran.

The history behind Imam Mosque

 The construction of Imam Mosque was by the command of Shah Abbas between the years 1611 and 1629 in the great complex of Naqshe Jahan. Reflecting the role and influence of clergy in the empire’s power makeup within the texture of the structure was the goal which the leader architect (Sheikh Bahaei) of the mosque was after.  They intended to replace the old Jameh Mosque with Imam Mosque for Friday praying being held. Sheikh Bahaei was planning for the construction of 2 schools near Imam Mosque in its zone but since the Shah had decided to have the mosque ready before his death, the building process was shortened. Imam mosque was built and turned into an elevated structure which has the biggest dome in the whole city, but unfortunately it was finished a couple of months after the Shah passed away.


 There is a very attractive entrance which has two incredible minarets in the mosque. In addition to that, the main structure of the mosque owns a huge and marvelous dome alongside the minarets. It must be noted that there is an awesome yard between them that is for certain add to the beauty and peace of the place. A significant feature of Imam Mosque was its different orientation. At that time, all important building were meant to build facing toward Mecca but the story of Imam Mosque was different. Its entrance led totally another way.  But as you pass the entrance of Imam Mosque and turn slightly right reaching to the yard, it is exactly facing the holly city of Mecca. This outstanding feature helps the whole structure of the mosque including the main dome and the entrance to be seen from outside without covering and blocking each other’s view.  Another fantastic feature of the mosque is the acoustic characteristic of its structure. If you stand under the main dome, your voice will be obviously heard inside the mosque. The greatness of Imam Mosque architecture is all alongside the artistic tile works in its interior and exterior design. All those blue tiles which let you feel calm and peaceful in a place of worship.

Where Imam Mosque is located

This amazing historical mosque is located in the southern section of Naqshe Jahan square which is in the center part of the city. It has been surrounded by several more tourist attractions of Isfahan such as Qeisarie Bazaar which is the primary bazaar of Isfahan, Chehel Sotoon palace, Hasht Behesh palace and some more attractions.

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