Yalda night; longest and darkest night of the year

One of the ancient Persian traditions that persists over the years is Yalda night. This celebration is very important among Iranian families, and the Iranians keep alive this ancient tradition every year.

What do we do in Yalda night?

In Yalda night, we get together in the longest night of the year, eat delicious food and read Hafez and Shahnameh poems. Yalda night is a beautiful tradition that has been reminiscent of our ancestors and with a happy celebration, we welcome to the cold winter.

It may be interesting for you to know how Yalda night was formed and became one of the greatest national celebrations in Iran. So stay with us in our Iran travel blog.

Story of Yalda night

As we approach the last days of the year, it’s true that the weather becomes colder, but there is a special glow between Iranians, because there is going to be a great celebration on the last night of autumn.

Ever since, in the Iranian culture, this night has been celebrated for years. All families get together at elder’s home and serve delicious snacks and fresh fruits. Maybe on this day, more than ever, we read Shahnameh and Hafez books, we will review the epic poems of the Shahnameh, or we will ask Hafez to tell our fortune

The most noteworthy thing about the longest night of the year is that all ethnicity in Iran like Fars, Turks, Kurds, Lars, Baluchs and Arabs celebrate Yalda night with joy, companionship, kindness, friendship and honesty.

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