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Urban Change in Iran

Although urban area has been surrounded all over the cities, but even now you can see traditional places in Iran, especially in some of the cities which are the cradle of the civilization like Yazd and Kerman, one of an important building in context of cities is mosque, which has special features .As the primary public area for Muslims, mosques were considered as complete urban areas from different perspectives. In the past mosques (apart from the frontage and the covered entrance) had two open (courtyard) and covered (A “shabestan” or shabistan is an underground space that can be usually found in traditional architecture of mosques, houses, and schools in ancient Persia (Iran).These spaces were usually used during summers and could be ventilated by wind catchers and qanats.) areas. Any of these two areas gathered together different groups of society during different times of year, and during day and night; they were the background for social interactions of people. Such areas had their own defined and specific architecture.

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