Pasargadae, located in Shiraz is home to the remains of three Achaemenian Palaces, which accentuates the attraction of the place. The palaces are known as Throne of the Mother of Solomon, Prison of Solomon. The tourists will also find two stone plinths lying in the sacred area of the palace that are constructed by huge stones.
Pasargadae, Shiraz was built by Cyrus who reigned over the place from 599-530 BC. The grandeur of the place is truly marked by the presence of the landmarks like the Pasargadae in Shiraz. These architectural splendors make the place truly attractive. These monuments form the historical legacy of the place which is truly majestic. The most important monument in Pasargadae is the tomb of Cyrus the Great. It has six broad steps leading to the sepulcher, the chamber of which measures 3.17 m long by 2.11 m wide by 2.11 m high and has a low and narrow entrance. Though there is no firm evidence identifying the tomb as that of Cyrus, Greek historians tell that Alexander III of Macedon believed it was. When Alexander looted and destroyed Persepolis, he paid a visit to the tomb of Cyrus. Arrian, writing in the second century of the common era, recorded that Alexander commanded Aristobulus, one of his warriors, to enter the monument. Inside he found a golden bed, a table set with drinking vessels, a gold coffin, some ornaments studded with precious stones and an inscription on the tomb. No trace of any such inscription survives, and there is considerable disagreement to the exact wording of the text.
The body of Cyrus the Great has been preserved in the limestone mausoleum which has been built in the same shape to that of a gabled wood house and is one of the best kept treasures of Pasargadae. The body is kept on a plinth which is atop the steep six steps.
The Pasargadae, Shiraz is truly one of the best tourist attractions of Shiraz. Tourists coming down to the city should not miss the opportunity to enjoy the glimpse of the sight of the place.
It has registered by UNESCO in 2004 years.


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