Dating back to 1759, this building was a part of the interior residence of Karim Khan of Zand. The basic structure of the Karim Khani Nook is similar to the Marble Throne. Like the latter, it is a terrace. There is a small marble throne inside the terrace. The structure is much smaller than the Marble Throne and it has much less ornamentation. There was once a small pond with a fountain in the middle of this terrace. Water from a subterranean stream (the king’s qanat) flowed from the fountain into the pond and was later used to irrigate the palace grounds.

Nasser ol Din Shah was fond of this corner of the Golestan Palace. He is said to have spent much time here in rest and repose, smoking his water-pipe in quite reflection. In fact, some believe that it was Nasser ol Din who dubbed the structure "Khalvat" (nook). It seems extraordinary, but the valuable gravestone of Nasser ol Din Shah finally found its way to this quiet corner of the palace after being misplaced for sometime. This marble stone, with a craved image of Nasser ol Din Shah, is indeed a site to behold.


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