Iran is a multiethnic country

Iran is a multiethnic country, with various sort of customs, languages and cultures. Categorization of a Persian ethnic group includes Azeri, Kurds, Bakhtiaris, Lurs,  Qashqais , Arabs, Baluchis, Turkmans, Mazandaran and Guilan , Assyrian, Armenians, Talysh, Iranian Georgians, Iranian Pashtuns .

For additional insight into the various ethnicities in Iran please find some explanations of them below:

Azeri people

Azerbaijani, also known as Azeri, is a Turkic language that is closely related to Turkish and influenced by Persian and Arabic. So far the largest Turkic-speaking group are the Azerbaijanis who account for over 85 percent of all Turkic speakers in Iran.


The Kurds speak a variety of closely related dialects, which in Iran are collectively called Kirmanji. The dialects are divided into northern and southern groups


In the central and southern Zagros live the Bakhtiaris and the Lurs, two groups that speak Luri a language closely related to Persian (Farsi). Linguists have identified two Luri dialects. Lur Buzurg which is spoken by the Bakhtiari, Kuhgiluyeh and Mamasani tribes and Lur Kuchik, which is spoken by the Lurs of Lorestan. Like the Persians the Bakhtiaris and Lurs are Shia Muslims.


The Qashqais are the second largest Turkic group in Iran. The Qashqais are a confederation of several Turkic speaking tribes that historically resided in Fars Province numbering about 250,000 people. They are pastoral nomads who move with their herds of sheep and goats between summer pastures in the higher elevations of the Zagros south of Shiraz and winter pastures at low elevations north of Shiraz.

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