Tabriz – IRANHRC


Tabriz is the fifth most populated city in Iran. One of the historical capitals of Azerbaijan and the present capital of East Azerbaijan Province. Tabriz is famous within Iran as the holder of many historical, economical cultural achievements. These include such titles as the “City of Firsts”, the city without beggars and homelessness, the city of underpasses and overpasses, the safest city in Iran (crime rate is the lowest in Iran), the second industrial city of Iran, the second largest city in attracting health tourists in Iran, and one of the most important host cities in Iran.

In 2002, during a construction project at the north side of the Blue mosque (part of Silk Road project), an ancient graveyard was revealed. This was kept secret until a construction worker alerted the authorities. Radiocarbon analysis by AllamehTabatabai University has shown the background of the graves to be more than 3800 years old. A museum of these excavations including the Blue Mosque was opened to public in 2006. Tabriz contains historical monuments, which date back to the Illkhanid, Safavid, and Qajar periods, among them is the large Tabriz Historic Bazaar Complex which is inscribed as a world Heritage Site in 2010. Tabriz is a major center for production of the famous Iranian Rugs.

The main sites in Tabriz: Saat Tower, Ghari bridge, Shah-goli Park, Saint Mary Church, SeyedHamzeh Shrine & Mosque, Amir Nezam House (Qajar Museum), Constitution House of Tabriz, Behnam House, Blue Mosque, Jame Mosque of Tabriz, Measure Museum of Tabriz, Museum of Azerbaijan, Rug Museum, Maqbaratoshoara (tomb of Poets), Kandovan, and etc.